Jesus Daily Quotes #75859

Your answer is in God’s Word. 

Jesus Daily Photo #783939

Honk if you love Jesus. 

Text while driving if you want to meet Him. 


Jesus Daily Quotes #68939

I am the Lord that healeth thee. 

Exodus 15:26

Jesus Daily Quotes #758669

Today I pray for those who feel overwhelmed. 

Know that God is your refuge and strength in the storms of life. 

When the enemy comes in like a flood,

the Lord will raise up a banner!

You are safe in His mighty hands!

Jesus Daily Quotes #235778

Always pray and never give up!
Luke 18:1

Jesus Daily Quotes #89008

Never be ashamed of what you’ve been through. 

God will use your story for His glory…

Jesus Daily Quotes #678954

OMG!!! This truth shall set you free!

Jesus Daily Quotes #78929

God is not the author of your troubles. 

He is the author and finisher of your 


Jesus Daily Quotes #76789

Do not seek the world. 

Seek peace. 

Seek truth. 

Seek love. 

Seek Christ. 

Jesus Daily Quotes #89878

Thank You Jesus !

Let my steps stay on your tracks so that my feet will not stumble. 


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