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Jesus Daily Quotes #638499

Just because things aren’t going your way doesn’t mean they aren’t going God’s way. 

Jesus Daily Quotes #34567

Life is Short. 

Death is Sure. 

Sin is the Cause. 

CHRIST is the Cure!!!

Jesus Daily Quotes #244899

No matter what you face in life,

don’t let go of God’s hand. 

Jesus Daily Quotes #579325

My One True Love has died for me. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

Remember, Jesus love for you is unconditional and Forever. 

So stay cool and be happy‚̧

Praise Him!!!

Jesus Daily Quotes #689588

God is working for you tonight. 

Heaven is holding conversations about you. 

Angels have been assigned to you. 

Be at peace. 

Credit #SpiritualInspiration


Jesus Daily Quotes #78965

I will fear no evil,

For You are with me. 


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