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Jesus Daily Quotes #134678

There is a reason God didn’t put eyes in the back of our heads. 

Stop turning around, continue moving forward  and have faith that God  has your back. 

Jesus Daily Quotes #145818

Dear God,

Thank You for your countless blessings. 

Thank You for Your unconditional love. 

Thank You for carrying me through every storm in life. 


Jesus Daily Quotes #32568

Awesome truth!

God will never leave your side!!!

Jesus Daily Quotes #245678

Those who look to Him are radiant;

Their faces are never darkened with shame.

Psalm 34:4-5

Jesus Daily Quotes #234819

I grabbed this from Pinterest. 

Worth the read. 

Jesus Daily Quotes #456768

Give your burdens to the Lord and He will take care of you. 

Psalm 55:22

Jesus Daily Quotes #78999

Jesus Daily Quotes #639993

The first ever Cordless Phone was created by God. 

He named it “Prayer”…

It never Loses its Signal and You never have to

Recharge it. 

Use it anywhere. Anytime. All the time!

Jesus Daily Quotes #7893748

Never stop seeking the wisdom that comes from above! 

Jesus Daily Quotes #74859

 Whrn you put God first,

you’ll never be last.  

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