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Jesus Daily Quotes #111231

Amazing Love. Thank You Jesus!!!

Jesus Daily Quotes #65527

Trust ONLY in GOD every moment!

Tell him all your troubles and pour out your

heart longings to Him. 

Jesus Daily Quotes #128289

No problem is too big for our God!

Jesus Daily Quotes #755563

In Jesus, rest assured…

it is going to be okay!

Jesus Daily Quotes #644899


Life begins once Jesus becomes the reason you live it!

Jesus Daily Quotes #65738

Jesus Daily Quotes #65899

Many times when God isn’t changing your circumstance it’s because He’s mostly concerned with changing YOU within the circumstance. 

Your character, youe inner strength, your integrity matters to Him because they are everlasting qualities. 

The wisdom, the strength and the maturity

that grows within you are all things are you’re going to need to sustain the calling God has on your life   

Know that there is a purpose in your pain. 

Brittney Moses

Jesus Daily Quotes #765548

Always believe in God’s protection. 

He is your safety.  

Jesus Daily Quotes #54638

My God NEVER fails. 

Just when you’re about to break,

He shows up BIG TIME, 


Jesus Daily Quotes #739498

Do you believe,

God will never leave your side?

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